Welcome To BBUB

BBUB GREEK GIFTS was founded in the summer of 2014 by Ashley Jones.  She started designing clothing apparel in 2007 after her parents lost their jobs, and she wanted to help out around the house. From there she worked with several small companies and decided to start her own clothing line. She noticed that once she joined her sorority that there wasn't variety in greek paraphernalia and that it was an unique market. She then took it upon myself  to create something new. She imagined having a modern, stylish, fraternity and sorority clothing line that didn't scream I'm greek in big bold letters. BBUB prides itself in being affordable and providing high quality work. Today, BBUB offers a wide variety of items from t-shirts and sweaters to hockey jersey and bomber jackets.


2021 IS OUR LAST YEAR DOING NALIA! We won't have restocks so please order items once they're available.